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Video Editing Services

Video Editing Services

- film production, youtube video editor, animation and storytelling with digital media

Storytelling is one of the best marketing techniques available to businesses and organizations. We have the equipment and expertise to script, produce, film and edit your video in a way that aligns with your budget and marketing goals.


Providing services in all areas of video production; including storyboarding, lighting, sound, videography, special effects, compositing, video editing, green screen keying, title and credit screens and movie publishing.

youtube video editor

We combine your footage with royalty-free stock audio/imagery, cool transitions, color grading, audio tweaks, stabilization, custom static and/or motion graphics to enhance engagement. Custom intro/outro design and development for your brand.


Motion graphics and 2D animations are the vehicles to effectively pull off storytelling and help stop the scroll on social media.


From commercials, kickstarter campaigns, crowdfunding and short promos to social media ads, we can create a video marketing strategy for your business goals.

Video Editing Services in Columbia SC

Children's Illustrated Book Trailer

iFundWomen Crowdfunding Promo Video

Custom Motion Graphic Channel Intro and Outro

Green Screen Editing, Compositing and Special Effects

YouTube Video Editing, Long-form Suspense Video

Dynamic Slideshow with Kinetic Typography

We have years of experience in long- and short-form video production and developing multimedia content for public service announcements, promotional videos, social media motion graphics, youtube video editing, marketing videos, and other digital media projects.

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